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You Can Help


Left Behind exposed the enormity of the AIDS tragedy that is creating a generation of orphans in Africa. Although the film does not advocate a specific course for those who wish to help, here are some ways you can support those who motivated you to take action. Click the links below to make tax-deductible donations to any of the following:

Help Spread Joseph's Story. Support the Repackaging and Redistribution of Left Behind.
website: More Info Here

Help Mike Go To College in Philadelphia
website: More Info Here

Help the Street Kids of Left Behind
website: More Info Here

Support the Nyumbani Children’s Home
Nyumbani, which means "home" in Swahili, is an orphanage and hospice outside Nairobi, Kenya, for children born with HIV. Several of the children in Left Behind live at Nyumbani.
website: http://www.nyumbani.org

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