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Help the children in Left Behind

Who can forget the faces of those street children sniffing glue while scavenging for their next meal? Most of them found themselves homeless after losing their parents to AIDS. While the number of AIDS orphans continues to rise in Africa, many of those featured in Left Behind are getting some help.

Bonnie Graboski, an American nurse and former Nyumbani volunteer, bought a house for the Left Behind boys and other street children in the area. She works with local families to harvest micro-economic projects and provide shelter to children who have lost their own families. Bonnie's home, called Pamoja ("Together" in Swahili), is a haven for AIDS orphans, providing education, food, and a gradual detoxification program that helps ease kids away from addiction to glue. She has prepared many of the boys from Left Behind for trade school, where they learn to be barbers, mechanics or garment workers.

However, Bonnie works on a tiny budget. I was distraught last summer to find she was skipping meals herself in order to feed the kids. She and the children need your help! If you would like to help Bonnie provide a future for these children, you can contribute to her fund in the United States or in Kenya. She can stretch your dollars a long way.

In the US: Pamoja Child Trust, Inc.
PO Box 381
Allentown, PA 18105-0381
In Africa: Pamoja Child Trust
PO Box 83 Karen 00502
Nairobi, Keny

Bonnie's contact: bgraboski2000@yahoo.com

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