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       Joseph, Whose Tears Captured Hearts of Thousands, Dies at 15

       Mike Wins College Scholarship in America!



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- Chairman Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.), at a hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions, April 13, 2002

"...the testimonies of Kenya's street children in Nairobi's slum illustrated not only their plight but their lack of knowledge of HIV/AIDS. One child believed that the way one contracts HIV/AIDS is by being kicked. Another child, asked about contraceptive methods, stated that he refuses to use condoms because he believes 'condom manufacturers put HIV/AIDS in it.'"

- Chairman Henry J. Hyde (R-Ill.) introducing the film at a hearing of the House International Relations Committee April 17, 2002

"a deeply moving, 30-minute documentary, entitled Left Behind, depicting the impact of HIV/Aids on African children in Kenya who are living in orphanages (if they are lucky), on the streets of cities and villages throughout this bleak landscape, and in huge urban slums in Nairobi; his film concluded with a heartbreaking silent ending (which was neither mawkish nor sentimental) which portrayed a young boy named Joseph silently gazing into Putzel's camera with tears beginning to form and then running down his face. Earlier in the film, this same Joseph had appeared with all the animation and talkativeness of a bright, energetic child."

- Anthony L. Harvey, The Intowner June 2002

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